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What to consider while buying singapore condos?

Singapore condos quickly becoming the preferred living choice for home owners in singapore. From young families to urban professionals, it’s like everyone wants to live in a condo. This growing popularity has led to a sharp increase in the number of condominiums that are coming up everywhere. This in turn has made them more affordable. These condos are among the most affordable condos on the market today. But apart from price what else do you need to look at while choosing a condo? Let’s find out:

The location of the condo you decide to buy is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying the condo to live in it yourself or whether you are going to sell it forward. You should know that choosing the right location is very important. You would want to get a condo that is near hospitals, schools, restaurants and malls. Look into the neighborhood before choosing and condos. Does it have everything you need?

Even though it might sound boring, this is very important. It is your duty to look carefully at the area where you are looking to buy the condo. This research will help you get acquainted with the area and the prevailing rates. You may even consider taking help from an agent. They know a lot about the property market and should help make the decision process easier for you.

You should only buy a condo from a reliable developer. Be sure to look into the background of the developer and research their reputation. Remember that rates are going to differ from one developer to another. Choosing the right developer here is very important.

This is something that people usually overlook when it comes to buying condos. This fee basically covers the general maintenance of the building and its facilities. These fees can vary widely from one property to another. That’s why it makes sense that you enquire about them before signing any documents. It is also pertinent for you to find out what facilities you are going to be paying for as well.

You are going to need a lot of money if you are to buy a condo in today’s market. Property rates are rapidly rising once again. So if you want to get the best possible deal on a condo, you need to get one right away. Prices aren’t going down any time soon.

Remember that buying a condo is something which needs a lot of patience. It is very important for you to do your homework if you want to make the right choice.

You should basically consider what you need the most at the end of the day. Can the condo you are considering accommodate all of your requirements? Buying a new condo certainly is a major decision. You wouldn’t want to make any mistakes. Keep the above in mind and you will certainly find yourself a comfortable condo in which you can happily live for a long time.



Stars of kovan at upper serangoon road, previously known as Kovan Treasure is well designed to cater various needs of condo owners and investors. This condo just 2 mins drive to holy innocents’ primary school, 3 mins drive to Serangoon Junior College, 6 mins drive to Rosyth School, 7 mins drive to Maris Stella High School, 8 mins drive to Australian International School, 9 mins walk to Xinghua Primary School and 10 mins walk to Yuying Secondary School. You don’t have to spend time in traffic jams while sending your kids to school. The international schools nearby stars of kovan making it for expats looking for rent too. Excellent rental potential. Foreigners or companies are eligible to purchase the commercial shops of Stars of kovan, no seller’s stamp duty and GST is claimable under company purchase if the company is GST registered.



Sturdee Residences, brand new luxury condo development at Sturdee Road, within 1KM to Hongwen Primary School and near to many other education institutions such as Farrer Park Pr Sch, Stamford Primary School, Singapore Management University (SMU), School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA), LaSalle College of The Arts . This project have surpassed market expectations by bringing a top bid $181.2 million in a 16-way fight among developers. So Sturdee Residences a must buy for home stay or for investment. You will not have to worry about find a parking lots near these eateries as you can walk leisurely by foot from Sturdee Residences. The well known orchard shopping district also just a few minutes away from this condo. All these nearby shopping mall and amenities brings convenience to you and future tenant.



Sims Urban Oasis, an outstanding architectural design condo with 50 facilities, good eateries around, great accessibility to expressways PIE and AYE, is an ideal luxury condo that suits your needs. Sims Urban Oasis developed by well known developer Guocoland Ltd. The developer already transform the dull and dustry Sims Drive area with this Sims Urban Oasis project. This condos come in a variety of different sizes. They have around the clock security and ample parking for your cars. The surrounding areas are well maintained and full of amenities to keep you occupied as well. You will find something to keep you happy for sure.



Principal Garden at Prince Charles Crescent is an elegant, endearing and thoughtfully crafted living environment, indoors and out developed by well known developer Secure Venture Development Pte Ltd. Unique garden living concept with 80% of land area dedicated to lush gardens and outdoor grounds, sweeping lawns, pools and water features. Princial Garden have prestigious neightbourhood panoramic views, from the surrounding low-rise neighbourhood of good class bungalows all the way to orchard road. This condo have 3 swimming pool, sky pool and private lounge pool. You will feel like you are living in the mark of quality, a premium space where space is truly a premium.